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Exercise Rhymes

Rhymes that make exercising fun! 

What teachers say...

"Well done Exercise Rhymes! I am a teacher in Toronto, Canada and teaching literacy is an important part of my job...so incorporating exercise and movement is helping us immeasurably. The kids love the pictures too! Thanks for the great design. Keep up the good work!”
Anthony (Amazon.com 5 star Review “Worked well with my class”)

 “…from a teaching standpoint: great cards- easy to understand and implement for teachers who have little time; quick and effective; great for the 20 minutes of physical exercise; great for "breathers" when a class is feeling tired, bored or needs to refocus; great to use after a vigorous phys ed class (calming); can be connected to curriculum outcomes; enhances listening skills in children as it helps them refocus; REALLY great for young kids; can be used as an emotional teaching tool (Breathing) to calm children…”

Marcy McIver, Elementary School Teacher

"Exercise Rhymes is used in my toddlers through preschool classes throughout the school year. I have heard kids cite the rhymes as they practice the skills on their own and it’s amazing to hear them do it was such confidence. Kids have improved greatly with the gross motor skills that allow the brain to do "cross overs", which supports writing and math skills. There are many different ways to use the cards, to incorporate them in to reading, writing, and physical education standards. Ultimately Exercise Rhymes is way for teachers, parents, and caregivers to bring information off "paper" and be applied in play and skills while using multiple senses.”
Children’s PE Instructor

“I have used exercise rhymes when working with toddlers.  I loved using these rhymes as they are very educational and incorporated physical activity into the fun.”
Lisa Berk, Personal Trainer, Children’s Fitness Instructor

What therapists Say...

“Only a creative and experienced mom could have created Exercise Rhymes. It has all the elements of learning and fun a child needs. These laminated cards encourage movement to rhymes that are engaging. I actually keep them attached to my purse and used them at Sea World this summer when the line was over an hr long. All the kids around us were the happiest kids on the block.”
Dr. Lynne Kenney, author of “The Family Coach Method” (Amazon.com 5 star review)

"I love Exercise Rhymes...As a pediatric Occupational Therapist, I find it to be a perfect activity for all the children with whom I work.  This is a wonderful product which facilitates upper body strengthening and control, gross motor coordination and cognitive skills such as problem solving and following directions.  It is appropriate for children of all capabilities...”
Danielle Agins, M.S., OTR/L

"As a mom of three and expecting one more... and a pediatric occupational therapist; I have used Exercise Rhymes with both my own children and the children I serve in the home and school setting. It is a fun and easy way to encorporate language and movement in any setting. I recommended it to parents with young children not only for the exercise/ movement/ body awareness component but also the cognitive/ language/ educational benefits it offers.”
Therapist and mom of 5, 3, 1, and soon to be new baby (Amazon.com 5 star Review)

“I use exercise rhymes with my 2-5 year old clients all the time. The cards/rhymes really help to keep the kids focused in therapy by making it engaging and fun!"
Lori M., mother of 1 and pediatric therapist, Phoenix, AZ

“Well big news with the cards! I used them...with children with Autism and they were a hit!! The younger ones loved them the most in my opinion. I was able to get a lot more eye contact, they were very interactive with me and I was able to increase the energy of the room when it was needed and calm them down in the end. I would say I got a good work out...I am now trying to get the kids to get into the poses with me just saying the...first two lines.”
Yoga Instructor for children on the autism spectrum

What Parents Say...

"I am a mother of two young boys and a mom inventor myself.  Exercise Rhymes is a fabulous product and kids love it!  As I am a mom on the go... Teaching children creativity while exercising anywhere anytime with a flip of a card is great! “
Lisa Bogart Carvajal, inventor of TOTO Products (takeouttimeout.com, portableparenting.com)

"...My kids and I have so much fun doing the exercises and reading the clever rhymes. This is an excellent gift idea for the holidays. It is really a great way to exercise as a family!”
Lisa Schillinger, mother of 3 youngsters (Amazon.com 5 star review)

“I am always looking for more fun and fitness activities for the kids. Exercise Rhymes does just that and the kids love it. “
Father of two (Amazon.com 4 star Review “Exercise”)

“We love exercise rhymes in our house. It's a fun, family activity that incorporates learning, physical activity and lots of giggles. It doesn't hurt that mommy gets a little work-out too.”
Erin, mom of two (Amazon.com 5 star Review “Great kid-parent-learning activity!”)

“This product encourages an easy and steady exercise schedule that includes fun rhymes that have really helped our son's phonological awareness. Our son benefited from using this product in his speech therapy alliteration sessions. Our son enjoys recognizing, reciting and now reading the rhymes; although it changes often, at this point his favorite Exercise Rhyme is "Eagle". We have given this product as a gift many times and the feedback has been 100% positive.”
Father of two

“My daughter was diagnosed as mildly autistic 2 years ago. She often struggles to physically do the same things as kids her age. We love doing Exercise Rhymes together as a family as a form of at home physical therapy. She loves the rhymes and the exercises make her giggle and laugh while she pretends to be different animals. So much fun for the whole family!”
Mother of two (Amazon.com 5 star Review “Great for autistic children”)