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Exercise Rhymes fitness flash cards & teaching tools (Teacher's Guides, DVDs, CDs, progress & wall charts) 
can be customized for your school, non-profit, or promotional needs.

Why Exercise Rhymes?

What are exercise rhymes?

Kids focus & learn better with regular exercise.
Playing together builds lifelong fitness habits & learning abilities.
Rhymes & exercise form mind-body patterns that reinforce learning.
Rhymes teach anticipation, rhythm & phonics, essential for reading & music.

Exercise Rhymes are a useful tool for parents, educators, therapists & yoga instructors.

Exercise Rhymes™ are fun, playful rhymes & exercises for adults to do with kids.


Exercise Rhymes

Rhymes that make exercising fun! 

"...Exercise Rhymes is a fabulous product and kids love it!.."

"...We love exercise rhymes in our house. It's a fun, family activity that incorporates learning, physical activity and lots of giggles...”

"Well done Exercise Rhymes! I am a teacher...so incorporating exercise and movement is helping us immeasurably.”